From Board Meetings to Chore Wheels

In the last few decades, with more and more women opting to put down the laundry basket and pick up the briefcase there’s been an increasing number of men opting to stay home and try their hand at being Mr. Mom. So, your man is at home with the kids, what do you do now? You have to cut him some slack. Maybe the kitchen won’t be as clean as you used to keep it, and he might not like the color coded jumbo chore wheel you were so fond of, but what you have to ask yourself is, are the children fed? Did they make it to school and all their afterschool … [Read more...]

This Land is Your Land …

You are moving in together, but not into a sprawling mansion with double walk-in closets and plenty of storage space for the Christmas decorations and dead bodies that need to be tucked away. Like most of us, your available space is limited. Hell, even that two inch gap at the back of the closet where the bars cross is coveted. How do you make room without crowding your partner? It comes down to need versus want. You may want two-thirds of the closet for your own personal shoe department Macy’s entire Spring collection, but do you need it? Have you … [Read more...]

The Resolution Revolution

It’s that time of year again. The time when sweeping resolutions and promises of change fill up our Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds. This year you are going to get back into your prom dress, or run a marathon, or finish your Master’s Degree, or buy a new house. Whatever you think will bring you happiness and new perspective goes on the magical list you made on December 31st when you realized that your life hasn’t changed much in the last few years. The problem isn’t in the desire to better your life, it’s in the execution. Research suggests … [Read more...]

Happy New Year … Be Safe

The year is drawing to a close, and as the world prepares for a new year full of promise and opportunity, millions and millions of people are preparing to ring in the new year out on the town with music, friends, and more than likely lots and lots of alcohol. Whether you are hitting a hotspot or partying at a friend’s house, more important than anything else is staying safe. No one wants to start off 2017 in the hospital, or worse, not see it at all. In that light, here are some tips to staying safe this New Year’s Eve and making sure you welcome … [Read more...]

What are you wearing?

As one of the biggest party nights of the year draws ever closer, many of us are staring at our closets frantically wondering what in the hell we are going to wear. We can’t recycle the same sparkly number from last year, there are just too many photos floating around. There’s always the option to throw something together from what you have on hand, which is a completely viable option because we already know we can rock the shit out of anything in our closet, but as a woman the urge to start the New Year off wearing something new and fabulous is … [Read more...]

A Jar Full of Happiness

With Christmas officially at a close and the New Year just days away, thistime of year is often about reflection. What have we accomplished this year? What can we improve about ourselves and our lives next year? What was amazing about 2016 and what absolutely sucked monkey nuts about it? Whether you lost a loved one or started a new family, lost a job or launched a career, the year holds a variety of memories and lessons for every single one of us. Scrolling through one of my various social media accounts (there seems to be a new one pop up every … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I inherited my love of all things Christmas from my mom. It’s not just that it’s my favorite holiday, I love absolutely everything about it this time of year. The lights, the music, the jolly old man in the big red suit. I simply cannot get enough of this season. In fact, I wish it lasted longer, though truth be told, in my house it lasts longer than society would typically find acceptable. I won’t go into details but let’s just say if you feel like seeing a Christmas tree in November you don’t just have to go to Wal-Mart. With Christmas just a couple … [Read more...]