Odds Are

Odds are you might find yourself in love with a woman that makes more money than you. More women are getting tassels and not just on the pasties but on the square hat of graduation. You may find yourself either dating or married to a woman that makes more money than you. My topic is simple – She Makes More Money – so how do you live with that?

Odds are in My Favor

She makes more money than me and has for a long time. I know stuff. I also have a bank of couples in my same situation and social settings to pull from. If by chance you have a topic beyond the comments section drop me a note.

Odds are the House Always Wins

Knowing how to find balance in your home between the love she wants, the respect you want and the sex and food you both need. To make your house a place of peace, fun and when needed quiet.

Odds of Playing

1) 57% of the college chairs have a cute ass in them (USA Today). They mature faster then men do, and now they Master and BA faster then men too. Depending on the campus you choose it could reach as high as 66% female.

2) Girl on girl action or slim pickings (NY Times). If 40% of the student body are men, start subtracting – losers, nerds, jocks, gay, engaged, etc. And you have hours of hot coed, slow motion pillow fights.

3) $20 trillion in female global wealth – 46% percent of UK millionaires are female (Financial News). Female entrepreneurs are on the rise. She owns the pigs that make the bacon.

4) 6 figure girls, with perfect figures to boot (CNN). They have the brains and the body, no need for the hair flip. They do yoga at 5am, do you at 7am and are in the work place by 8am.

5) More high paying positions, where they look and smell good doing it (U. S. Dept. of Labor). Its not a perfect world but there are a lot of high heels higher up on the corporate ladder. Don’t look up you perv.

Odds are You Shouldn’t Be Here

This site is not not for everyone. If you’re a scam artist, spam happy or looking to promote your cause, this site is not for you. If you know you don’t love her and never will, then step up and cut bait. Don’t waste her time.

Odds Are In Your Favor

If you care about your relationship with the woman that makes more money and need some ideas, you’re in the right place.. .do more than what you did last year. Leave a comment.