Do you know what that means? Well, if Destiny’s Child have any say, it means she bought her own shoes, clothes, jewelry, house, car, and hell … the watch you’re wearing if she damn well pleases. It means that she is fully capable of taking care of herself. Some men shy away from the often feared independent woman because, what can become of the relationship if she doesn’t need him? The problem is, no woman is an island. Sure, we can bring home the low-fat, turkey bacon, and scramble it into an egg-white omelet. We can even clean our own house, raise … [Read more...]

She works hard for the money …

So hard for it honey … and now it seems she doesn’t have that much time for you. How do you let your girlfriend know that you want her to make a little more space for you in her life without coming off as clingy and needy? First of all, let’s be clear. Asking for what you want isn’t clingy, it’s how people get their needs met. Clingy is blowing up her phone if she takes more than ten minutes to get back to you. Clingy is expecting your girlfriend to spend every waking moment talking to you or texting you or being with you or at least thinking about … [Read more...]

If he’s broke, is she gone?

Like many things in life, having money isn’t a binary condition. There are many shades of gray that color the world of wealth and finance. Just like you can be comfortable, well-off, movie star, Kardashian, or Bill Gates … you can also find yourself in any number of pegs on the other side of the sliding scale. But for many women, it’s not about the money he has, it’s about his attitude about the money he has. There is a big difference. Blowing his coin on crap without regard to his bills or his future can be a bigger turn off than not having a lot of … [Read more...]

Does she who makes the money make the rules?

Well? Does she? If you respect your partner, then no. It seems like the easy way to do things, she puts the zeroes in the bank account, so she gets to decide how it’s spent, but that’s going to breed a lot of resentment in your relationship. Flash back to the fifties and think of all those women who didn’t have a say in all of the matters of the house because they didn’t contribute to the bank account, and well … because they were women. Didn’t we storm out of the kitchen and burn our bras in an attempt to banish this type of thinking? The … [Read more...]

Bad Day … Better Night

You know your spouse better than anyone, and the way he or she just barreled through the door and headed straight for the liquor cabinet, you know they were obviously caught up in a shit-storm at work. Whether it was just typical of end of the year crap on steroids, or an extra helping of holiday stupid making its way around the office, or the that nasty little ass-kisser that’s gunning for their job that got the better of them today, it doesn’t really matter because now the storm clouds have shifted and are swirling around your kitchen. Does a bad day … [Read more...]

Sole Provider

Just because she pursued higher education and a career doesn't mean she pictured herself as the bread winner in her marriage, and just because she accepted that role doesn't mean she isn't struggling with it. If you find yourself in this position, you are not alone. Many women struggle with feeling inadequate for neglecting the household. Your apron strings are all in knots around your uterus because you don’t see your children as often. Then there are those nasty feelings of resentment that creep in because you feel obligated to work longer, harder … [Read more...]

Which way do you go?

You and your spouse have managed to build a solid marriage while also crafting successful careers. Now you are facing a difficult choice, both of you have been given an amazing opportunity for career advancement … only it takes you in two different directions. Now what do you do? Outdated theories might say you should follow the money, but one has to ask, is money enough? Will it be enough money to make up for asking your partner to take a step back from their own dreams? Will it be enough money to support both of you if the other is out of work? … [Read more...]