A Salvaged Title

Bumpy road. Rough seas. Turbulent skies. There are any number of ways to express the difficult times you are going through with your significant other, but basically you're going through hell because you're fighting all the time. You fight over money, you fight over household chores, you fight over what little time you have for each other and how you just want to come home and crawl into bed without being nagged. All of that can be worked through. Every couple goes through this at some point, even the happiest of them. The difference between the couples … [Read more...]

Prescription for Saving the Relationship

Your relationship is dying. You are planning the funeral and writing the epitaph, all that's left to do is to take it off life support. Is there anything you can do at this point to bring it back to life? It's possible, but it will take a lot of work from both of you, and these prescriptions.     Prescription 1: Time Capsule Uses: To take you back to the beginning of the relationship when things were exciting and every interaction was fresh and new. Directions: Go on a dates. Real dates. Hire a sitter (they are a hell of a lot … [Read more...]

Vacation Sickness

What the hell happened? The relationship was stuck in ooey-gooey mode, so sugary sweet you were giving all your friends cavities … then you went away together. Suddenly you are fantasizing less about hot naked time and more about running your partner over with the rental car. Don’t do it, homicide is never the answer.  But as hard as it may be to believe, vacation sickness doesn’t have to mean the death of the relationship, or even an end to the holiday. The problems often begin when both parties define “vacation” differently. Are you a lounger? Do … [Read more...]

It’s her birthday, she can pay if she wants to!

For all those men who date women who make more money, this one’s for you … When you are dating a woman who makes more money, there may come a time in your relationship when you find yourself on a vacation that she paid for. Perhaps for her birthday she wanted to move things to a more exotic location for a little sun, surf, and skinny dipping. She probably knew you couldn’t afford a trip to the Virgin Islands so she ran her credit card and handed you a plane ticket. If she’s all for it, I’m all for it, have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen. Now, I … [Read more...]

Breaking the Bad

Unlike the food in your fridge, relationships don’t have expiration dates. However, you can’t just push them to the back of your mind for days, weeks, and even months on end expecting they will still be fresh when you feel like having a little taste. You have to take them out, stir them up, light a fire under them and get them cooking. Here’s three things you can do to keep your love from going sour. 1) Touch (Non-sexual) Physical touch is a way to show love. Hugs, kisses, hand-holding, etc. keep you and your partner connected and avoid … [Read more...]

When Erotica Goes Bad

I like a little silly erotica as much as the next girl. Short stories full of throbbing genitals and heaving breasts make for a great easy read before drifting off to sleep. They aren’t supposed to be too realistic, they are fantasies after all. So when Curvy by Alexa Riley showed up in my Amazon suggestion list I clicked the read more button. The blurb touted a plus-sized model and a billionaire falling in love at first sight, as a curvy woman myself, I was intrigued at the thought of a woman like me taking center stage in a smut novel. So I bought … [Read more...]

Bringing Sexy Back

Research has shown that happily married couples have a healthy sex life. Of course … a healthy sex life doesn't look the same to everyone. For example, not every couple would be excited about a red room of pain. It boils down to having your sexual needs met. If both you and your partner feel satisfied sexually it is more likely that you both will identify your marriage as a happy one. The sex life is usually the first to go. Children, work, responsibility, hell life itself just gets in the way. By the time you get home, feed the kids, help them with … [Read more...]