Wedding Bells

Well, Spring is here, and so with it begins wedding season. When I imagine wedding season, I often picture the TV show Bridezillas. To be honest, I don’t like the show, I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times but I rarely get more than five minutes in before I’m yelling at the groom to run away. I get that weddings are stressful and expensive and can bring out the worst in anyone but those monsters aren't just terrorizing a wedding party, they are attacking a whole damn town. Watch out Tokyo, you're next. Most women from an early age have an idea of … [Read more...]

She makes more money … and?

It happened again. You and your wife were out at a neighbor’s house enjoying the small talk and the fondue when one of your fellow husbands takes a little jab at you for not being the breadwinner of your family. It’s not a secret. Not that there is a sign posted on your lawn or anything, but it’s she’s a corporate lawyer and you’re a high school professor. She makes more money. Maybe it doesn’t usually bother you. Maybe it does but you normally manage to let it go. Either way this dude has struck a nerve and now you’re irrationally angry at your wife … [Read more...]

Does she who makes the money make the rules?

Well? Does she? If you respect your partner, then no. It seems like the easy way to do things, she puts the zeroes in the bank account, so she gets to decide how it’s spent, but that’s going to breed a lot of resentment in your relationship. Flash back to the fifties and think of all those women who didn’t have a say in all of the matters of the house because they didn’t contribute to the bank account, and well … because they were women. Didn’t we storm out of the kitchen and burn our bras in an attempt to banish this type of thinking? The … [Read more...]

There’s something under your rug…

I get it, you don’t want to deal with it. You’ve had a long day, a longer week, and you just aren’t in the mood to have this fight right now, so you grab your trusty broom and sweep the issue under the proverbial rug, you’ll clean it up later. Allow me to point out the big pink elephant under the rug, if you keep sweeping everything under that carpet, you’re going to trip over it. When you are angry and you can’t keep your fighting words under control, go ahead and give into the urge to walk away and get yourself together. Calmer heads have a better … [Read more...]

A Salvaged Title

Bumpy road. Rough seas. Turbulent skies. There are any number of ways to express the difficult times you are going through with your significant other, but basically you're going through hell because you're fighting all the time. You fight over money, you fight over household chores, you fight over what little time you have for each other and how you just want to come home and crawl into bed without being nagged. All of that can be worked through. Every couple goes through this at some point, even the happiest of them. The difference between the couples … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk

There are a lot of ways a minor disagreement can turn into an all-out battle, and the quickest way for that to happen is by dropping the relationship A-bomb, which in this case means using the word “always” or conversely “never” when describing a particular behavior or action of your partner. Those are dirty little words that will get you in trouble, and not the kind of trouble that well get you a sexy little spanking. They are fighting words, capable of transforming a simple discussion into a battle akin to the invasion of Normandy. These words, as … [Read more...]

From Board Meetings to Chore Wheels

In the last few decades, with more and more women opting to put down the laundry basket and pick up the briefcase there’s been an increasing number of men opting to stay home and try their hand at being Mr. Mom. So, your man is at home with the kids, what do you do now? You have to cut him some slack. Maybe the kitchen won’t be as clean as you used to keep it, and he might not like the color coded jumbo chore wheel you were so fond of, but what you have to ask yourself is, are the children fed? Did they make it to school and all their afterschool … [Read more...]