Dirty Talk

There are a lot of ways a minor disagreement can turn into an all-out battle, and the quickest way for that to happen is by dropping the relationship A-bomb, which in this case means using the word “always” or conversely “never” when describing a particular behavior or action of your partner. Those are dirty little words that will get you in trouble, and not the kind of trouble that well get you a sexy little spanking. They are fighting words, capable of transforming a simple discussion into a battle akin to the invasion of Normandy. These words, as … [Read more...]

This Land is Your Land …

You are moving in together, but not into a sprawling mansion with double walk-in closets and plenty of storage space for the Christmas decorations and dead bodies that need to be tucked away. Like most of us, your available space is limited. Hell, even that two inch gap at the back of the closet where the bars cross is coveted. How do you make room without crowding your partner? It comes down to need versus want. You may want two-thirds of the closet for your own personal shoe department Macy’s entire Spring collection, but do you need it? Have you … [Read more...]

Bad Day … Better Night

You know your spouse better than anyone, and the way he or she just barreled through the door and headed straight for the liquor cabinet, you know they were obviously caught up in a shit-storm at work. Whether it was just typical of end of the year crap on steroids, or an extra helping of holiday stupid making its way around the office, or the that nasty little ass-kisser that’s gunning for their job that got the better of them today, it doesn’t really matter because now the storm clouds have shifted and are swirling around your kitchen. Does a bad day … [Read more...]

Stuff her Stocking with Love

It’s difficult to imagine being able to win at the holiday gift giving game when her bank account makes yours look like a child’s after a failed lemonade stand attempt. Last year she bought you an expensive watch, a gift certificate to have your car professionally detailed, and a week-long ski vacation. How are you going to top that? Spoiler alert … you’re not. At least, not in the way you hope to. Here’s the thing about most women who make more money than their man. First, they already know they make more money. Second, if they already know it and … [Read more...]

Does she who pays the cable bill control the remote?

As an only child people often think that I was never taught to share. I was. Sharing was a rule in my house growing up. We shared food, stories, thoughts, responsibilities, and as I got older my mom and I shared shoes and makeup. What we didn’t share, though, was the television. That hour or two a day I was allowed to watch television didn’t mean much when my dad was downstairs in the living room because when he was in front of the TV, he was in control. Period. In his mind, the fact that he worked sixty hour weeks and paid the cable bill meant he … [Read more...]

Silly rabbit, games are for kids.

Games are fun. I love all kinds of games. Board games? Sign me up. Card games? What’s the buy in? Relationship games? Fuuuuuuuuck no! Here’s what I love about board and card games and the like, the goal is defined and the rules are clear, they even print them out for you as a reference. You don’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve got one person playing Monopoly, another person playing Poker, and a couple more playing Twister. Everyone has agreed to play the same game, and in the end, there is a clear winner and loser. You see where I am going … [Read more...]

Is settle a four letter word?

You can settle an argument or a legal dispute. You can decide to settle down and get married and have a family. You can even settle into a nice groove at work or school. Use the word “settle” in any of these ways and you have yourself a positive situation. How about when Mary settles for Tom, even though she isn’t interested, because he is the only man interested in her … then that is bad. But, is that settling or giving up? One definition of settling that Miriam-Webster offers is, “to end (something, such as an argument) by reaching a settlement.” So … [Read more...]