Healthy Holiday Season

One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is avoiding the pitfalls created by those around you. You may be trying to cut down on the sugar but there seems to be a new platter of treats floating around the office every day, and your colleagues aren't taking too kindly to your stay healthy plan of pouring dish soap over the junk food to eliminate the temptation. It's hard enough being at the office for 40+ hours a week when there isn't a shared healthy eating mentality, but when you have to fight the same battle at home it … [Read more...]

Does the couple that sweats together, stay together?

Should I go to the gym with my significant other? Type this question in your search engine and your inundated with phrases like, “Training Partners Are Happy Couples,” or “the couple that sweats together, stays together.”  Well, if that’s all it takes, let’s all just shut off the air conditioner and cuddle, no … wait … let’s not. In theory, I like the premise of this little trinket of knowledge. Be active, stay healthy, work up a sweat and your chances of maintaining a happy relationship goes through the roof. I agree with all of this. Plus, people … [Read more...]