Happy New Year … Be Safe

The year is drawing to a close, and as the world prepares for a new year full of promise and opportunity, millions and millions of people are preparing to ring in the new year out on the town with music, friends, and more than likely lots and lots of alcohol. Whether you are hitting a hotspot or partying at a friend’s house, more important than anything else is staying safe. No one wants to start off 2017 in the hospital, or worse, not see it at all. In that light, here are some tips to staying safe this New Year’s Eve and making sure you welcome … [Read more...]

What are you wearing?

As one of the biggest party nights of the year draws ever closer, many of us are staring at our closets frantically wondering what in the hell we are going to wear. We can’t recycle the same sparkly number from last year, there are just too many photos floating around. There’s always the option to throw something together from what you have on hand, which is a completely viable option because we already know we can rock the shit out of anything in our closet, but as a woman the urge to start the New Year off wearing something new and fabulous is … [Read more...]

Think Outside the Bank Account

For all the men out there dating a woman who makes more money … Dating a woman who makes more money than you isn't that different than dating one who makes less. They both want the same thing out of dating. To be pursued. To feel sexy and desired. You can accomplish this even if you don’t have access to Scrooge McDuck’s bank vault. It all boils down to effort. Regardless of her financial standing, don’t be that guy that suggests a Dutch date at the beginning of the relationship. Instead, figure out a way to stand out without relying on your wallet. … [Read more...]

Silly rabbit, games are for kids.

Games are fun. I love all kinds of games. Board games? Sign me up. Card games? What’s the buy in? Relationship games? Fuuuuuuuuck no! Here’s what I love about board and card games and the like, the goal is defined and the rules are clear, they even print them out for you as a reference. You don’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve got one person playing Monopoly, another person playing Poker, and a couple more playing Twister. Everyone has agreed to play the same game, and in the end, there is a clear winner and loser. You see where I am going … [Read more...]

Creativity is Key

It’s not a secret, she knows she makes more than you -- and if she’s still with you then she doesn’t care. One of the worst things you can do when you are dating above your pay grade is live outside of your means in order to entice her with spending power you don’t have. That will catch up to you, and it’s more than a relationship on the line, it’s also your financial future. If she wanted to be with someone with a matching bank account, she would be. She chose you, so you have to find ways of impressing her that don’t include running up your credit … [Read more...]

Keep on Crushin’ On

Lately, it seems that every movie night consists of Emma Stone movies. Don’t get me wrong, I like Emma Stone, but I don’t remember signing up for her fan club, and I’m relatively certain that there are other movies available on Netflix in which she is not a member of the cast. It took me a while to notice the pattern since I keep losing the “pick the movie” game of Rock Paper Scissors … but I’ve noticed it now. My man has a little crush on Emma Stone. Well, who the hell doesn’t? I wasn’t sure I was going to say anything, I mean, what’s he going to do, … [Read more...]

Does the couple that sweats together, stay together?

Should I go to the gym with my significant other? Type this question in your search engine and your inundated with phrases like, “Training Partners Are Happy Couples,” or “the couple that sweats together, stays together.”  Well, if that’s all it takes, let’s all just shut off the air conditioner and cuddle, no … wait … let’s not. In theory, I like the premise of this little trinket of knowledge. Be active, stay healthy, work up a sweat and your chances of maintaining a happy relationship goes through the roof. I agree with all of this. Plus, people … [Read more...]