Is it OK to let her pay?

Short answer ... sure. When a relationship is new, tradition has it that the man pays, and I’m all for that. People respect what they work for, it’s part of the chase. But there will likely come a point when she offers to pick up the check. Perhaps she wants to go somewhere a little out of your price range, maybe she just wants to make sure her level of interest is apparent, whatever the reason, the question is, what do you do? Do you let her? Do you wave her off? If after a few dates she is willing to lay down her own cash, let her. The whole … [Read more...]

Creativity is Key

It’s not a secret, she knows she makes more than you -- and if she’s still with you then she doesn’t care. One of the worst things you can do when you are dating above your pay grade is live outside of your means in order to entice her with spending power you don’t have. That will catch up to you, and it’s more than a relationship on the line, it’s also your financial future. If she wanted to be with someone with a matching bank account, she would be. She chose you, so you have to find ways of impressing her that don’t include running up your credit … [Read more...]

The Mommy Problem

My mom has this little habit that drives me absolutely crazy. Like clockwork, each time I reach for my wallet in front of her, her knee jerk reaction is to ask me if I am sure I can afford it. Whether I’m trying to take her to lunch or buying some groceries, the sight of my wallet seems to immediately whisk her back in time in to my first year of college when I had no respect for money and thought credit cards were a secret loophole I had found to buy shit for free. Her maternal instincts take over and she absolutely has to make sure I’m not being … [Read more...]

Which way do you go?

You and your spouse have managed to build a solid marriage while also crafting successful careers. Now you are facing a difficult choice, both of you have been given an amazing opportunity for career advancement … only it takes you in two different directions. Now what do you do? Outdated theories might say you should follow the money, but one has to ask, is money enough? Will it be enough money to make up for asking your partner to take a step back from their own dreams? Will it be enough money to support both of you if the other is out of work? … [Read more...]

It’s her birthday, she can pay if she wants to!

For all those men who date women who make more money, this one’s for you … When you are dating a woman who makes more money, there may come a time in your relationship when you find yourself on a vacation that she paid for. Perhaps for her birthday she wanted to move things to a more exotic location for a little sun, surf, and skinny dipping. She probably knew you couldn’t afford a trip to the Virgin Islands so she ran her credit card and handed you a plane ticket. If she’s all for it, I’m all for it, have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen. Now, I … [Read more...]

Should you pay for him to go back to school?

So, you want to pay for your man to go back to school. You aren’t the first woman to contemplate this. It’s been the common back story of female characters in movies for years. The woman drops out of college and takes a second job to help her man get through law school, or medical school, or business school, etc. He graduates then leaves her for someone a little less weathered by stress and hard work. She finally goes back to school in her forties or fifties after having lost her youth to heartbreak and bitterness and falls in love with a professor half … [Read more...]

All In

Figuring out your finances is not the best part of the relationship. It still doesn’t make it into the top twenty even ifyou do it naked and on stilts. Sadly, finances are just a necessary part of adulting, and when you’ve reached the point where you are discussing marriage or shacking up, having that super awkward “how are we going to handle our finances” conversation is step one. And if having the conversation isn’t uncomfortable enough, the hardest part is actually coming up with a plan. See, talking doesn’t actually pay the bills. Well, unless you’re … [Read more...]