Sling-Backs and Sexual Harassment

It’s sort of hard to wrap your mind around … they both have taken Corporate America by storm, they both burn the midnight oil, they’re both trying to get another rung higher on the ladder. Why does she often seem so much more frustrated than him? It must be because she can’t handle the grind, right? Come on out of the cave there, big boy, and have a look around. The world has changed, we have fire and everything. It could be any number of things shortening her fuse, but if it is work putting her in the persistent pissy mood then it might be more … [Read more...]

Should you pay for him to go back to school?

So, you want to pay for your man to go back to school. You aren’t the first woman to contemplate this. It’s been the common back story of female characters in movies for years. The woman drops out of college and takes a second job to help her man get through law school, or medical school, or business school, etc. He graduates then leaves her for someone a little less weathered by stress and hard work. She finally goes back to school in her forties or fifties after having lost her youth to heartbreak and bitterness and falls in love with a professor half … [Read more...]