She Wears a Mask

You always thought you knew everything about your wife, but it turns out she has been keeping something from you. You just found out that she wears a mask at work, and it’s the mask of a hard-nosed, hard-ass dragon lady. For the record, you always knew she had it in her, but now that the real down and dirty comes out it turns out she is a serious bitch at the office. You have only one option here – leave it alone.

Do not, under any circumstances, ask to see that side of her. You might as well invite the vampire in the house, once she brings that persona home there’s no getting it to leave. Let her nasty side stay at work, keep that firm separation between her worlds. Just smile and nod at the person who tried a sneak attack on her private life at the office party and then walk away, they are probably on your partner’s shit list. See her like you always have, accept the aggressive side of her that you have grown to love and let her leave the wicked witch at work. She may have had to be hard-nosed to get where she is today.


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