Business woman with spectaclesDo you know what that means?
Well, if Destiny’s Child have any say, it means she bought her own shoes, clothes, jewelry, house, car, and hell … the watch you’re wearing if she damn well pleases. It means that she is fully capable of taking care of herself.
Some men shy away from the often feared independent woman because, what can become of the relationship if she doesn’t need him?
The problem is, no woman is an island. Sure, we can bring home the low-fat, turkey bacon, and scramble it into an egg-white omelet. We can even clean our own house, raise children on our own, and buy battery operated machinery to keep us warm at night, all in the name of not needing anyone else. But at the end of the day, people still need other people.
Perhaps she doesn’t need financial support, but there are other kinds of support out there, be it someone to listen, someone to cuddle, someone to bounce ideas off of, or even someone to hold a proverbial mirror up and illuminate the truth. Even an independent woman who has made it on her own her entire adult life can benefit from a support system.
When dating a self-sufficient woman, it doesn’t come down to trying to make her dependent on you, but instead show her she can trust you, rely on you, come to you for support. There’s no need to fear the woman who has it all and gets it for herself. You’re right, she doesn’t need you, but if you provide good support for her, then she will want you, and that is an infinitely better deal.


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