Don’t be that guy.

Beer and pizza series

I’ve dated that guy. We met, he was funny, edgy, played guitar. We started dating then he lost his job. We had only been in a relationship for a few months and I didn’t want to be that girl who bails on him when he hits a speed bump going too fast and skids off the road. So I tried to stick it out.
At first we tried the couch date life, but that got old super fast, so I decided if I wanted to get out and do things, I would have to exercise my bank account. I put it to good use and we maintained a pretty good dating life, and I was only mildly resentful. Then I showed up at his house one day to find he had purchased a brand new television and a digital camera. My first thought was that he found a job, and got a nice little sign-on bonus, but it was actually a tax refund.
Now, I’m not saying he can’t spend his money on whatever the hell he wants, and if he would have put that money toward his rent and utilities I wouldn’t have felt any way about it. Choosing to furnish his dumpy ass apartment with a fancy new home entertainment system was irresponsible when he wasn’t sure where his next meal was coming from. Oh wait, yes he was, it was coming from me.

The moral of the story here is that shit happens. People lose their jobs and have to tighten their belts. Just because you hit a rough patch doesn’t mean she is going to run in the opposite direction. On the other hand, hitting a rough patch and latching onto her like a baby on his mama’s nipple will. So … whatever life throws at you, be a man about it, not that guy.


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