Ready … Set … FIGHT!

You’ve been there, you’re having a minor disagreement with your spouse over who is right and who needs to shut up when an ill-timed eye roll causes the whole exchange to take a nasty turn and now the shit has hit the fan. You are screaming at each other and it’s taking everything you have not to chuck your coffee mug right at his stubborn, fat head. When avoiding conflict is no longer an option, you are left with finding a resolution that doesn’t include ripping your own arm off and beating your partner to death with it.
How do you end the battle before there is bloodshed? Obviously compromise requires sacrifice on some level, so if you think she is going to be content bringing home the bacon, frying it up in the pan every single night and serving it to you wearing nothing but an apron and a smile while you sit on your ass, scratch your nuts, and watch the game, then you’re an idiot. But, how do you negotiate a peaceful resolution without completely submitting to your partner and giving up everything you want?
Finding a compromise, even in anger, is possible if you know your boundaries.
1. What do you want? Do you want to watch an entire football game without interruptions?
2. What are you willing to live with? Will you be happy if he at least cleans the kitchen and gets the kid’s crap picked up before you get home?
3. What is the deal breaker? Does not even having at least the dishes done make you want to set his lazy boy on fire, with him in it?
Finding the common ground through these components can get you to that much needed armistice that will bring about the end of the fight, and maybe even some make-up sex.


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