Gift Giving: It Shouldn’t Break the Bank

What do you get the girl who already has everything? How do you make a big deal out of her birthday, or your anniversary (or Valentine’s Day if you two are waiting for this weekend to celebrate it) without blowing your budget to bits and pieces?
Assuming your woman isn’t one of those rare specimens that says she doesn’t want a gift, and actually means it, then it is important to celebrate the occasion with a little showmanship and at least something she can open. It’s not about the money you spend on it … well … we all know the cliché.
It seems materialistic to talk about the importance of giving your lady a present, but when it comes to special occasions, making sure it is special means a little extra effort. And there are still plenty of ways to do that on any budget.
Depending on her tastes, and most importantly your spending limit, you can try one of these three suggestions on for size.
1. For a small and inflexible budget, wrap up the contents of a picnic, such as her favorite bottle of wine, some delicious cheeses, crackers, dessert, etc. into separate packages and arrange them into a nice basket. Drive her out to the beach, or her favorite park. There, under the moonlight, have her open her many presents, and then enjoy them together.
2. If you have the money for a play or concert tickets you know she would enjoy, buy them and put them in a pretty little box with a big bow. Then, on the night of the event, over dessert at a midrange restaurant, have her open her present and shriek in delight.
3. For those who want to want to put your money to the actual present but don’t have the money for a night out at the same time, you can take her to a free, live music event. You might have to drive to a neighboring town, but you can find these types of events just about anywhere.
The point here, is that as a woman who makes more money than her partner, we understand you might not be able to whisk us off to a five-star restaurant, a Broadway show and put a diamond bracelet on our wrist. We are okay with your budgetary limits, otherwise we would not be with you, but on special occasions you need to pull out all the stops. And if you can’t use your bank account, then you better use your creativity.


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