Gift Giving: It Shouldn’t Break the Bank

What do you get the girl who already has everything? How do you make a big deal out of her birthday, or your anniversary (or Valentine’s Day if you two are waiting for this weekend to celebrate it) without blowing your budget to bits and pieces? Assuming your woman isn’t one of those rare specimens that says she doesn’t want a gift, and actually means it, then it is important to celebrate the occasion with a little showmanship and at least something she can open. It’s not about the money you spend on it … well … we all know the cliché. It seems … [Read more...]

Ready … Set … FIGHT!

You’ve been there, you’re having a minor disagreement with your spouse over who is right and who needs to shut up when an ill-timed eye roll causes the whole exchange to take a nasty turn and now the shit has hit the fan. You are screaming at each other and it’s taking everything you have not to chuck your coffee mug right at his stubborn, fat head. When avoiding conflict is no longer an option, you are left with finding a resolution that doesn’t include ripping your own arm off and beating your partner to death with it. How do you end the battle … [Read more...]

She works hard for the money …

So hard for it honey … and now it seems she doesn’t have that much time for you. How do you let your girlfriend know that you want her to make a little more space for you in her life without coming off as clingy and needy? First of all, let’s be clear. Asking for what you want isn’t clingy, it’s how people get their needs met. Clingy is blowing up her phone if she takes more than ten minutes to get back to you. Clingy is expecting your girlfriend to spend every waking moment talking to you or texting you or being with you or at least thinking about … [Read more...]