This Land is Your Land …

UnpackingYou are moving in together, but not into a sprawling mansion with double walk-in closets and plenty of storage space for the Christmas decorations and dead bodies that need to be tucked away. Like most of us, your available space is limited. Hell, even that two inch gap at the back of the closet where the bars cross is coveted. How do you make room without crowding your partner?

It comes down to need versus want. You may want two-thirds of the closet for your own personal shoe department Macy’s entire Spring collection, but do you need it? Have you worn every pair of those shoes in the last few months? No? Do you need all of those barely worn dresses you buy every single time there’s a fancy work function? Yeah … probably not. If you are taking up valuable space for items that you don’t commonly use, it’s probably time to *gasp* donate them.

I know, it’s a big step. Here you are trying to make space, combine cookware, and decide who has the most comfortable couch and now I’m telling you to donate your wardrobe? It’s crazy, but it is science, people. You put the things you use most often in a place that is most convenient. Those chunky Mary Janes from Junior High don’t need to be kept next to your gym shoes. It’s not even Halloween season, and are you really going to do slutty, catholic school girl-zombie AGAIN this year?

Now, if you just can’t muster up the nerve to make a Good Will run, there is always storage so you don’t actually have to get rid of anything. They will still literally be in your possession. You can put them in the attic, basement, garage, or even offsite at a self-storage property. All that is doable in the name of making space for your partner.

The thing to remember is that sharing your life and living quarters doesn’t stop at the closet door. When you have a space problem, unused items need to be given the ol’ heave-ho. Or at least the ol’ box and tape. Making space for your partner makes for a happier transition.


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