If he’s broke, is she gone?

Close up of bankrupt businessman showing turned out empty pocket Business and finance concept.Like many things in life, having money isn’t a binary condition. There are many shades of gray that color the world of wealth and finance. Just like you can be comfortable, well-off, movie star, Kardashian, or Bill Gates … you can also find yourself in any number of pegs on the other side of the sliding scale. But for many women, it’s not about the money he has, it’s about his attitude about the money he has. There is a big difference. Blowing his coin on crap without regard to his bills or his future can be a bigger turn off than not having a lot of money but knowing how to budget it and make it work.

Many (if not most) people have experienced lean times at some point or another. You cut back, you live simply, and you put your shoulder into it until you find yourself back in the black again. Many successful women can respect a man working hard to get through it. They are completely willing to date him regardless of how liquid he is because he uses his creativity, as opposed to his wallet, to win her over, and then keeps her with respect and affection.

The biggest question anyone facing an absence of funds needs to answer is … what are you doing about your current money situation? Are you sitting on your ass hoping wealth and power will just knock on your door and hand you a beer or do you have a plan? More specifically, a plan you have put into action that will better your circumstances and brighten your future.

At the end of the day, there are many women out there who won’t up and leave a responsible man because of the condition of his bank account, but if he is always broke because he’s lazy and makes bad life decisions, there aren’t many women who will stick around.


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