Bad Investments

Business woman with spectaclesToo many people hang on to bad relationships because they have convinced themselves that somewhere down the line it will pay off. They refuse to dump bad stock because they see potential, even if no one else does. A savvy business woman can recognize a poor investment early on and knows that it is in her best interest to walk away. How can you tell if your relationship is a bad investment?


  1. There’s no movement. You make the calls. You plant the dates. He is just along for the ride. No one wants to date a dead fish, if he isn’t making moves and pursuing you, it’s time to sell.
  2. There’s an uneven allocation of resources. Even if you make more money, he shouldn’t expect you to pay for everything. He shouldn’t expect you to drop everything to make time for him, especially if he isn’t willing to do the same. If you are the only one doing all the compromising and financing, then you need to do the leaving.
  3. There’s no return. If he consistently goes radio silent for days at a time (unless of course he works on a submarine), this relationship does not have a promising future. Dump that stock, reinvest in something with better bang for your emotional buck.

When you invest your time and attention into anything in life you should see a positive return, without that what’s the point? Kenny Rogers said it best, you have to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to talk away, and know when to dump his ass and never look back.


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