A Salvaged Title

Bumpy road. Rough seas. Turbulent skies. There are any number of ways to express the difficult times you are going Couple lying in bed back to back looking unhappythrough with your significant other, but basically you’re going through hell because you’re fighting all the time. You fight over money, you fight over household chores, you fight over what little time you have for each other and how you just want to come home and crawl into bed without being nagged. All of that can be worked through. Every couple goes through this at some point, even the happiest of them. The difference between the couples who don’t make it and those who do is the effort they both put into getting through the shit storm in order to find their way back into the field of sunshine and daffodils. The question is, what made them work through it? They worked through it because they knew, at its core, their relationship was worth saving. Here are three questions to help you figure out if your relationship is worth saving:

  1. Do you like your partner? Yes, I know you love your partner. But do you like him or her? When you think of them as a person do you have positive thoughts? If you find yourself embarrassed to be associated with them, or don’t want to be seen in public with them, or refuse to let them around your family then you clearly don’t like them. Why would you try to hold on to something you don’t like?
  2. Can you trust them? Being able to rely on someone and take them at their word is important in any relationship. Romance and passion will fizzle without intimacy and trust. If you believe you are consistently being lied to then that’s not just a bump in the road, it’s a nasty, treacherous, erupting volcano that is going to drown you in hot ass molten lava if you try and climb it. And that’s only if you don’t fall off first. Trust is not something you can fake. How can you ever be truly open and honest with someone you don’t trust?
  3. Do you still have a spark for them? Longing for the closeness you once shared and looking for a way back to the Gambe di uomo e donna abbracciati a letto render 3dpassion and the heat is a good sign. Being able to see straight through the fight to the makeup sex means you still want your partner, you are still attracted to them. Fantasizing that you can have that makeup sex with other people, not so good. Fighting to stay with someone you don’t carry a torch for, wishing you could just be with someone else, isn’t really fair to either of you. I mean, if you don’t want them, why are you holding on so tight?

Just like you wouldn’t go to work every day if they didn’t pay you, you shouldn’t invest everything you have into saving a relationship you don’t want. The payoff of working through hard times is the love and passion on the other side, so make sure you know whether or not you truly want to save the relationship before you commit to riding out the storm.



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