Think Outside the Bank Account

For all the men out there dating a woman who makes more money …

Dating a woman who makes more money than you isn’t that different than dating one who makes less. They both want the same thing out of dating. To be pursued. To feel sexy and desired. You can accomplish this even if you don’t have access to Scrooge McDuck’s bank vault. It all boils down to effort.

Regardless of her financial standing, don’t be that guy that suggests a Dutch date at the beginning of the relationship. Instead, figure out a way to stand out without relying on your wallet. Here are some options for the man with limited spending power.

  1. Go non-traditional. If there is a local fair or carnival in town, or if there is one nearby, coax her out of her suit and heels and into more casual attire and take her there. This is a great, budget friendly way to work in hours, or maybe an entire day, of fun. Entrance fees are generally pretty low, and places like these allow you to interact, hold hands, flirt, conquer a rigged game and score a huge, stuffed teddy bear for her. Food his cheap, the Ferris Wheel is a great place to steal kisses, and at night everything lights up. It’s a romantic comedy in the making.
  2. Unplug and head outdoors. Go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking. Power down the smart phones, give your social Affectionnetworks the day off, and work up a sweat out in the real world. Bring some healthy snacks, plenty of water, and a nice lunch, and you are only out the cost of a trip to the grocery store. It’s an incredibly inexpensive, yet effective way to connect on a new level, not to mention the work out will give you a hell of an endorphin rush. If all goes well, hitting the showers could be a couple activity.
  3. Go the cultural route. Snag an invite to some art openings, go to a book reading, or visit a museum. Entrance fees are usually pretty nominal, and in some cases you can participate for free. Bank of America members are eligible for this awesome program called “Museums on Us” where you can visit a participating museum without dropping a cent. Throw in a simple dinner at a mid-range restaurant and you have given her a cultural evening without a steep price tag. Plus, it’s a chance to learn something new together, and let’s face it, knowledge is sexy.

The point is, it’s the power of your creativity that will win your woman over, not the power of your wallet.


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