Stuff her Stocking with Love

a businessman offering a gift to you (selective focus)It’s difficult to imagine being able to win at the holiday gift giving game when her bank account makes yours look like a child’s after a failed lemonade stand attempt. Last year she bought you an expensive watch, a gift certificate to have your car professionally detailed, and a week-long ski vacation. How are you going to top that? Spoiler alert … you’re not. At least, not in the way you hope to.

Here’s the thing about most women who make more money than their man. First, they already know they make more money. Second, if they already know it and they are still with you, then they don’t care. What they are looking for is effort not price tag. So how do you wow your woman on the holidays without selling your soul? Here are three tips to help you make her holiday special.

1) Listen. She’s probably already given you a dozen helpful little gift ideas wrapped up in the stories she has told you. If you can find something that she can connect to emotionally then it doesn’t matter how much it costs, you win. Perhaps you can find a steal of a deal on a first addition of that book she told you she read over and over as a young girl.

2) Observe. Does she collect sports memorabilia, vintage signs, or antique candlesticks? Is there a particular piece of artwork that always seems to mesmerize her? Use that information to select the perfect gift. Perhaps you can obtain an autographed picture of her favorite musician and have it artfully mated and framed.

3) Ask. No, I don’t mean you say, “Hey, what do you want for Christmas.” I mean, ask her questions that will lead you to a deeper understanding of who she is. Ask her to describe her favorite birthday. Ask her about the worst holiday she had and why. Her answers will provide valuable insight. Perhaps you can buy her that special gift she didn’t get from Santa that caused her to no longer believe.

When you pay attention and look for something meaningful as opposed to expensive you will not only give her a special gift that she will treasure, you will make her feel exceptionally loved. And isn’t love, after all, what Christmas is really about?


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