Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping? No worries …

Santa Claus red bag with Christmas balls and gift box on snowWell … Christmas has managed to creep up on us with the other worldly speed of Hermes. If you count yourself among the hordes of people who still haven’t finished their Christmas shopping, don’t despair. Millions of Americans procrastinate their Christmas shopping to the very last nanosecond. Even those anal-retentive types who finish sometime in July often have a last minute gift recipient pop up on their list. No one really wants to fight the last minute Christmas rush, so here are some options to finish off your list (or .. you know …start it) without having to deal with the dreaded mall.

Option one – you can always go the route of a homemade gift. Not only can this be an inexpensive alternative to the retail option, but creating a present for someone you love with your bare hands adds thought and heart to the entire experience. Whether it’s something silly and fun for a kid on your list like a tissue box that dispenses one dollar bills, or something more intricate like a beautiful holiday decoration that will be cherished for seasons to come, a do-it-yourself gift should not be underestimated.

Option two – put together a gift basket with simple things you can get from small shops, even your local grocery store. Nuts, candy, candles, lotions, etc. You can design it with the specific recipient in mind with a little bit of everything from their own list of their favorite things.

Option three – gift cards. Yes, I know, people have an aversion to gift cards because it seems so impersonal, but is it really that impersonal? You know your niece is an avid reader, and your best friend can’t get enough makeup, getting them a gift card to a store that makes these things possible is absolutely personal. Plus, you can pick up most gift cards at your local grocery store. Bonus!

Whichever path you choose, don’t be intimidated by the rapidly approaching deadline. I have faith in you. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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