Happy New Year … Be Safe

Glasses of champagneThe year is drawing to a close, and as the world prepares for a new year full of promise and opportunity, millions and millions of people are preparing to ring in the new year out on the town with music, friends, and more than likely lots and lots of alcohol.

Whether you are hitting a hotspot or partying at a friend’s house, more important than anything else is staying safe. No one wants to start off 2017 in the hospital, or worse, not see it at all.

In that light, here are some tips to staying safe this New Year’s Eve and making sure you welcome 2017 happy, and most importantly, in one piece.

  1. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. I list this first because alcohol related crashes are still a leading cause of death here in America. The risk of hurting yourself or someone else is never worth it. Designate a sober driver or take a cab, but do not get behind the wheel after drinking, or ride with someone who has been drinking.
  2. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. You’re not in college anymore. There’s no reason to mix a bunch of booze and/or drink enough to get hospitalized in an attempt to get out of taking finals. Pace yourself and know what types of drinks are safe to mix and which are not. After all, you don’t really want the first thing 2017 to see is your drunk ass draped over a toilet, do you?
  3. DRINK WATER. This is so important I’m going to repeat it. Drink water. If you are planning on having a few drinks, water keeps you hydrated and will eliminate, or at least alleviate, the effects of a hangover the next day.
  4. STICK TOGETHER. Whether club hopping or just hitting more than one party, keeping your group together will not only eliminate the need to play herd the drunks, but safety in numbers and all. So don’t wander off by yourself, stay with your group to stay safe.
  5. LET PEOPLE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. No, I don’t mean keep updating your status. I mean, communicate with friends and family what your plan is before you leave the house, meaning where you’re going and who you will be with. I know, this seems like something a teenager would be told to do, but bad things happen to people of all ages. Letting someone know what you’re up to will be helpful if, God forbid, something bad happens to you.

Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve, whether it’s a night on the town or an evening in with cuddling and a fire, I wish you a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!


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