Bad Day … Better Night

Relaxing at homeYou know your spouse better than anyone, and the way he or she just barreled through the door and headed straight for the liquor cabinet, you know they were obviously caught up in a shit-storm at work. Whether it was just typical of end of the year crap on steroids, or an extra helping of holiday stupid making its way around the office, or the that nasty little ass-kisser that’s gunning for their job that got the better of them today, it doesn’t really matter because now the storm clouds have shifted and are swirling around your kitchen. Does a bad day at work mean a bad night at home, too? Not always.

You can turn it around for the better by getting your partner to relax and let it go, until they have to go face it all again tomorrow. But for tonight, the first thing you need to do is get them to their happy place, or at least as close to it as possible with absolutely no notice and constrained by the walls of your house.

How does your partner like to unwind? Will a hot bubble bath by candlelight and a good book do the trick? Then beeline it for the bathroom and get to work. Is he or she more of a massage and some soft music kind of person, then either break out the massage oil, or if you already know you give a less than stellar massage, find a great masseuse, get them on the phone and set up an emergency house call. Maybe your spouse will feel better by simply unloading on you, sit with him or her and let them do just that. Perhaps a little make believe time with the kiddos is what will take them back to zero. Whatever gets your lover to move past their crap day is what you have to do if you don’t want that shit spilling over into everyone’s evening.

Make them feel safe and loved in the way that he or she most feels that way and you stand a pretty good shot that those dark clouds will just roll on by without dumping their load all over your happy home.



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