Vacation Sickness

Couple hugging, enjoying summer sunset.What the hell happened? The relationship was stuck in ooey-gooey mode, so sugary sweet you were giving all your friends cavities … then you went away together. Suddenly you are fantasizing less about hot naked time and more about running your partner over with the rental car. Don’t do it, homicide is never the answer.  But as hard as it may be to believe, vacation sickness doesn’t have to mean the death of the relationship, or even an end to the holiday.

The problems often begin when both parties define “vacation” differently. Are you a lounger? Do you want to sleep in, throw out the schedule, do things at your own pace, or not at all? Or are you more of a get up and go-er? Do you think you aren’t really on vacation if you haven’t packed your itinerary full of activities such as museums, shopping, absorbing local culture, hiking, exploring, etc.? Putting two people in close quarters who have such an opposing definition of what it means to relax is a great way to turn a romantic getaway into a sexless disaster. But all hope is not lost, if this is you and your love, or if you are planning a trip and you are afraid this will be you, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Create a more flexible itinerary. Each of you make 3 lists: (1) What you want to do; (2) what you are willing to I love youdo; and (3) and what you hate even the thought of doing. Everything that matches from list #1 goes on the itinerary, anything that matches on list #2 should be prioritized and can be worked in as you have time, and everything on list #3 either gets dumped or you do it alone.
  2. Combine activities. You like lounging by the water with a book, your partner likes to participate in more physical activities. You can find a compromise by laying on the beach with your Kindle and a cocktail while they go parasailing or snorkeling.
  3. Embrace alone time. You don’t have to do everything together. If you want to shop and your partner wants to check out a local museum, pick a time to meet up after and enjoy your day doing something that makes you happy. Then you’ll have more to talk about at a nice romantic dinner.

Whether you’re still in the planning stages or you find yourself in the thralls of vacation failure, there is plenty of time to have an amazing vacation. Regardless of how you define relaxation, tricks like these can help bring your vacation out of Doomsville and back into Happy Naked Land.


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