Prescription for Saving the Relationship

hand hold prescription paper with hospital backgroundYour relationship is dying. You are planning the funeral and writing the epitaph, all that’s left to do is to take it off life support. Is there anything you can do at this point to bring it back to life? It’s possible, but it will take a lot of work from both of you, and these prescriptions.



Prescription 1: Time Capsule

Uses: To take you back to the beginning of the relationship when things were exciting and every interaction was fresh and new.

Directions: Go on a dates. Real dates. Hire a sitter (they are a hell of a lot cheaper than a dining outdivorce attorney). Dress up. Look nice. Flirt. Leave the talk of kids, bills, and household responsibilities for tomorrow. You are two single people getting to know each other again and building that delicious tension that drives you to think if nothing but the next time you will see them.

Prescription 2: Rest and Relaxation

Uses: To bring peace to otherwise tumultuous and stressful periods in your life.

Couple on beach.Directions: Here’s the rub … it’s the never being together that is at least partially to blame for killing the relationship in the first place. Take the kids to grandma’s for the weekend, or maybe a friend’s house (you can always offer to do that for the other parents in exchange), and either have a staycation or find a little bed and breakfast and just be together. Talk, laugh, and reminisce about old memories as you are making new ones.

Prescription 3: Sex

Uses: To relieve stress, create intimacy, and well … there’s the whole orgasm benefit.

Directions: Get naked. Go from there. Physical closeness can intensify emotional connection. Gambe di uomo e donna abbracciati a letto render 3dAvoiding sex because you are tired, frustrated, feeling unattractive, etc. only serves to further distance yourself from your love. However you like it, whenever you can … eh … squeeze it in, just get busy. Kids still asleep? Multitask by getting it on in the shower. Get a little dirty before you get clean. The kids have a Saturday afternoon birthday party? Great, have a private party of your own in your birthday suits. Stay up late at least once a week and explore each other’s bodies like you used to. Heck, you might find a new special spot you hadn’t noticed before. Plus … orgasms.

Want to save your relationship? Then bring it on back to the basics of what brought you together in the first place. Date each other, spend time together, and for naked monkey love’s sake … get it on!


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