Healthy Holiday Season

ThanksgivingOne of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is avoiding the pitfalls created by those around you. You may be trying to cut down on the sugar but there seems to be a new platter of treats floating around the office every day, and your colleagues aren’t taking too kindly to your stay healthy plan of pouring dish soap over the junk food to eliminate the temptation.

It’s hard enough being at the office for 40+ hours a week when there isn’t a shared healthy eating mentality, but when you have to fight the same battle at home it become daunting. Here are a few ways you and your partner can work together to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially through the holidays.

1. Meal prep. This is a good rule for anyone trying to live a healthy life. Plan out your meals together, including lunches, then prep out all the food ahead of time. Not only does this eliminate the excuse of being too tired to prepare a meal, having healthy snacks available make it easier to say no to all the unhealthy snacks you will come across throughout the week.

2. Do the grocery shopping together. You are less likely to throw a pie or some donuts in the cart if you have to look your partner in the eye at the cash register. Plan your meals, make a list, then hit the market together to provide a sense of support and accountability. As long as one of you remains strong the junk food won’t make it to the checkout line.

3. Instagraming your meals is annoying … but sending a picture of what you are eating, or planning to eat, to your partner Traditional thanksgiving turkey dinneris another way to create some accountability. If you have to show her that cupcake or him those three Christmas cookies you are thinking of eating it might make you think twice before shoving them in your face.

4. Schedule your workouts together. Being present for your each other’s hard, sweaty workouts forces you to remember why you chose this lifestyle. Hitting the gym together reinforces positive habits and helps to combat the desire to just snuggle on the couch and watch holiday movies.

5. Plan your treats. No one says you can’t enjoy a piece of pie or some fudge now and then but when it turns into mindless snacking … there goes your healthy pledge. If you know you want a little pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream and some peanut brittle, then plan it in advance so you have something to look forward to and boundaries to keep you from going overboard.

Above all, know that having a sweet now and then or enjoying a less than healthy meal occasionally isn’t cause for alarm. We are all human and we all give in to temptation, but using these tips can help both you and your partner survive the sweet draw of this time of year and even bypass the holiday gain.


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