Does the couple that sweats together, stay together?

Should I go to the gym with my significant other?

gym woman and trainerType this question in your search engine and your inundated with phrases like, “Training Partners Are Happy Couples,” or “the couple that sweats together, stays together.”  Well, if that’s all it takes, let’s all just shut off the air conditioner and cuddle, no … wait … let’s not.

In theory, I like the premise of this little trinket of knowledge. Be active, stay healthy, work up a sweat and your chances of maintaining a happy relationship goes through the roof. I agree with all of this. Plus, people who exercise regularly experience a higher sense of calm and balance emotionally, which can obviously contribute to both healthier relationship and a better life in general. But, that doesn’t really answer the question at hand, does it?

The question is not should you participate in healthy activities with your partner (of course you should), but should you actually go to the gym with your significant other. That answer depends on your answer to the following five questions:

1. Would seeing your partner’s eyes linger on the glutes squatting it out in the squat rack make you feel insecure?

2. You love the free weights, your significant other is all about the stair master, would that separation give you anxiety?

3. They like to chat, you like to put head phones on and get lost, would that distraction keep you from going beast?

4. Would relationship behaviors such as googely eyes or loud discussions about dirty dishes interfere with your workout, and the workouts of those around you?

5. Would either of you turn into a drill sergeant with Tourette’s, to the chagrin of your partner, public shaming and humiliation be damned?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, even one, it may not be advisable to go the gym with your significant other. Well, let me break that down farther, perhaps you can carpool to the gym but it might be a good idea not to actively try and workout together. Plan your own workout independent of your partner so none of those nasty distractions or pitfalls put you in the relationship danger zone.

It’s nice to have that sense of accountability, someone to make sure you don’t snooze your way through a workout. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you need that but you should probably consider a gym buddy or a personal trainer because, although working up a sweat with your spouse is always advisable, unless you already know that are gym compatible you may want to keep your sweaty couple activities to fun runs and knocking the proverbial running shoes.


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