Creativity is Key

Valentines day background with two red hearts on wooden backgroundIt’s not a secret, she knows she makes more than you — and if she’s still with you then she doesn’t care. One of the worst things you can do when you are dating above your pay grade is live outside of your means in order to entice her with spending power you don’t have. That will catch up to you, and it’s more than a relationship on the line, it’s also your financial future.

If she wanted to be with someone with a matching bank account, she would be. She chose you, so you have to find ways of impressing her that don’t include running up your credit card bills and digging yourself into debt. Just because she can afford to fly off to San Francisco for a little clam chowder doesn’t mean she expects you to go into hock to do it.

So, how do you keep up the wow factor without breaking the bank? No one said it was going to be easy, you have to put your thinking pants on and really get creative depending on what your spending limits are.

Depending on the kind of woman she is, some examples would be:

For the outdoorsy type – a hike up a beautiful mountainside and an elegant picnic at sunset.

For the foodie – bone up on your culinary skills either by studying online or taking an inexpensive cooking class and then inviting her over for a home-cooked, gourmet meal by candlelight.

For the thrill-seeker – see if Groupon has a discount in your price range on sky diving lessons and take her on an adventure.

There are plenty of ways to seduce a woman without having to resort to being financially irresponsible. Stay within your budget and use your imagination to impress her, not your credit card.


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