When Erotica Goes Bad

Sexy couple at night in bed

I like a little silly erotica as much as the next girl. Short stories full of throbbing genitals and heaving breasts make for a great easy read before drifting off to sleep. They aren’t supposed to be too realistic, they are fantasies after all. So when Curvy by Alexa Riley showed up in my Amazon suggestion list I clicked the read more button. The blurb touted a plus-sized model and a billionaire falling in love at first sight, as a curvy woman myself, I was intrigued at the thought of a woman like me taking center stage in a smut novel. So I bought it.

I don’t expect much from a bodice ripper with regard to substantive plot or character development yet I was still immediately disappointed. I was, at the very least, expecting an erotic story to ignite a little fire and not make me recoil before the getting ever got good.

To break this story down to the simplest terms, a billionaire, Flynn, has acquired a lingerie company as part of his holding.Panties and Handcuffs One night he stumbles across a picture of the plus-sized model, Cali, while trying to put together a marketing strategy in an attempt to save the sinking ship. He is instantly obsessed and immediately sets into motion a plan to hire her, get her alone, abduct her, impregnate her, and then give her the entire lingerie company to run. Moreover, his complete infatuation with her is violent. He punches walls, throws tables, threatens people, and even growls, and not in a “he’s so happy to be inside her” kind of way.

I love a nice love at first sight story where first he falls for her then he falls into her over and over again, but I prefer my erotica hold the misogyny. It’s hard to really settle into the good parts when the man is controlling to the point of abusive.

He stalked her, manipulated her, controlled her, and basically tried to own her. And what is this business about purposely trying to fill a woman he just met with his kid? This is sexy? We are aware these are the key indicators of an abusive man, correct?

I have trouble believing women want to fantasize about that. Desire me, yes. Move heaven and earth to arrange a meeting, swoon. Fondle yourself to my modeling picture, fucking hot. But I can’t keep my head in the game when I’m cringing every other page. He was brutish, aggressive, violent, and controlling, and somehow he still gets the girl? That doesn’t seem like much of a happy ending to me, and what’s the point of reading erotica if you can’t find yourself a happy ending?


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