Get the hell away!

Silhouette of the heart hand gestureWhether you want some sweet time with the honey, or a getaway with your girls, or maybe you want to be alone, what better time than this weekend? Even if you are on a budget, there’s fun to be had, though you may have to abuse your search engine a bit to find the best deals. Let’s get to work!


With a little advanced planning, you should be able to find a terrific room. Try and find one with a large bathtub and a woman reading in bednice view if possible, you can’t go wrong with those amenities no matter why you are there. For an incredibly restricted budget, try a one-night getaway and shoot for a room that’s close to whatever you are planning on doing while you are there such as the beach or a stadium. Overall, as long as you avoid hotels on the murder side of town and the room is free from mold or bedbug infestations, then the room is actually the least important part. Comfortable, safe, clean, then add whatever amenities you can afford and still manage to eat and have a good time.


dining outBring a bottle of wine and some food for a little dining-in for the first night. Pizza, movies, wine, and girl-talk can start your ladies’ weekend off on the right note. If your getaway is of the romantic persuasion, add a few candles and you have an elegant carpet-picnic for dinner and some breakfast in bed the next morning. For your lunches try restaurants that are local favorites. The food is usually amazing and they are often not as expensive as tourist-trap restaurants. Plus, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the local culture which is always a good time. Then just one special dinner out with drinks and breakfast the next morning and you’ve done an entire weekend without breaking the food budget.


For those who don’t have buckets of money to drop on a just a couple of days away, there is still plenty to do. Participate in cost-saving activities such as spending the day at the beach if you are seaside, or poolside if you aren’t. Visit local museums and monuments or spend the day outside in the sun and go hiking or mountain biking. You can also find an art or musical festival that would provide an entire day, or maybe even a weekend, of fun and entertainment.Summer drink on beach

Sticking to a budget never sounded so fun, so hit the keyboard and get on it. Five o’clock will be here before you know it!




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