Bringing Sexy Back

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Research has shown that happily married couples have a healthy sex life. Of course … a healthy sex life doesn’t look the same to everyone. For example, not every couple would be excited about a red room of pain. It boils down to having your sexual needs met. If both you and your partner feel satisfied sexually it is more likely that you both will identify your marriage as a happy one.

The sex life is usually the first to go. Children, work, responsibility, hell life itself just gets in the way. By the time you get home, feed the kids, help them with homework, get them to bed and then get everything ready for the next day it’s tough to make getting naked and climbing on top of your spouse a priority. Sex is the easiest thing to push off until tomorrow. The problem is, tomorrow has this uncanny ability of never quite being today.

Sure, it takes effort to put the va-va back in the voom, but isn’t it worth it? I mean … orgasms.

Here are some helpful suggestions to bring the sex back to life in your relationship.

  • young couple in sensual embrace on white sheetsSchedule it. I know … I know … if you schedule sex it takes all spontaneity and romance out of it. Well try this on for size, you haven’t scheduled it and you stopped having it. Just put it on the calendar and treat it like a can’t miss event. Sometimes just making time for it will remind you of how much you miss it and you might just find yourself squeezing it in more often. (See what I did there.)
  • Multitask. Try sex in the shower in the morning, so not only are you having sex but the thrill of trying to get to the big finish before the hot water runs out or the kids come knocking is a sexy little challenge that will add to the spice of the moment.
  • Set the alarm twenty minutes earlier and have a rendezvous before all of the responsibilities of the day start weighing on your shoulders and your libido. Plus, sex is exercise, so if you make it athletic enough you can check going to the gym off your list for the day, too.
  • Fulfill a fantasy. Princess Leia in the gold bikini. An officer and a gentleman. The extra handsy handyman and the desperate housewife. Fulfilling a fantasy you have long-harbored can rekindle your desire to get it on, despite the pressures life puts us all under.
  • Try a nooner. Whether you work close to home or close to a hotel, don’t be afraid to skip lunch and order something naked instead. It might make that long meeting a bit more bearable knowing there is an orgasm in the not-too-distant future.

Remember this: survivalists tell us to get naked and cuddle to avoid freezing to death. So go out there and be a relationship survivalist, because… orgasms.


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