Breaking the Bad

Unlike the food in your fridge, relationships don’t have expiration dates. However, you can’t just push them to the back of your mind for days, weeks, and even months on end expecting they will still be fresh when you feel like having a little taste. You have to take them out, stir them up, light a fire under them and get them cooking. Here’s three things you can do to keep your love from going sour.

1) Touch (Non-sexual)

I love youPhysical touch is a way to show love. Hugs, kisses, hand-holding, etc. keep you and your partner connected and avoid estrangement. Hug each other when you get. Steal a kiss while helping the kids with their homework. Hold hands and stroke your partner’s arm while he or she unloads about their day. Snuggle on the couch while watching the news. Constant physical contact is a way to break down barriers and maintain intimacy.

2) Time

Even a small amount of time spent in quality interaction can mean the difference between a healthy and happy dining outrelationship and one dying a slow, stinky, rotting, death like that head of broccoli in the bottom of the drawer you bought last month. A little text to express your love will brighten up a busy day. A surprise visit to his or her office to drop off some takeout from their favorite restaurant when you know they don’t have time to step away from their desk for a lunch break. There will be no doubt your partner is in the forefront of your mind and a priority in your life.

3) Taste (sex)

naked Man and woman in love are kissing in showerSex is an important ingredient in a healthy relationship. As busy as you are, take time out to get it on. Beyond the fact that it is a healthy form of exercise that promotes intimacy and relieves stress, it’s all kinds of fun. In addition, it’s more difficult to drift apart when your bodies are literally pressed together. If there isn’t enough time for a marathon level exploit in the bedroom, try a quickie in the shower, or sneak down to the laundry room when the kids are asleep and enjoy a nice spin cycle. It’s the one defining characteristic that separates this relationship from all your others, so enjoy it every chance you get, even if you have to make time. Keeping the sex alive will help keep your love alive.

Relationships don’t have to rot, but you can’t expect it flourish if you don’t water it, so make time to make each other feel important. You have to use it or lose it.




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